The DIY Hunter

There have been a few pretty nice bucks crawling out of their hiding spots and showing up to chase the does. Below are a few compilations of rutting mule deer bucks in Northern Utah. I have also been taking photos of mule deer this fall including most of the bucks I have captured on the trail cameras.

This buck has been named the Church Buck because of me getting a bunch of photos of him on a Sunday morning and apparently my friends thought I was skipping church. No, I wasn't sneaking out of church... well at least not when I took photos of this buck. Church Buck is also a fitting name with the fact that he has such a "perfectly" symmetrical four-point rack. "Be ye therefore perfect..." Hmm...

Other Articles of Interest:


This Recon Force trail camera caught the Church Buck catching up with a doe.


Here's a couple of nice bucks in hot pursuit of does.


This doe pees in front of the trail camera and two bucks curl their noses in pursuit.


This buck with a broken G2 is very elusive. I have not been able to find him in person.