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With Utah opening up the use of optics for muzzleloaders to anything goes, I have started working on setting up my CVA Accura V2 with optics to see how far I can effectively shoot. My blog entries will be a work in progress as I continue working on setting up and testing my muzzleloader with a variable power rifle scope.

With a 1x Vortex scope and 300 Gr SST Hornady bullets I was dialing up shots out to 200 yards quit effectively in 2015. I'm excited to see what I can now do with some higher power glass. 

To start with I am going to try my favorite big game scope, that being a Vortex Viper 4-16x50 HS LR. I have a couple of these scopes and love them. I like that they have 24 minutes of angle adjustment in elevation with just one turn of the turret. I think this scope is a little on the overkill size for what I think my muzzleloader is capable of but I need to pull one of these scopes off a rifle anyways so this will work out perfect to test and see how I like it.

Given my work schedule this year I will most likely missing out on my favorite hunt, that being archery elk hunting. I am just too busy in August and September to be able to spend any time in the field hunting. So once again I will most likely be muzzy elk hunting around the first of November. 

Dallen also recieved a CVA Accura V2 for his high school graduation gift. We will be setting up Dallen's muzzleloader also. I am right now looking at the Vortex Diamondback HP line of scopes, particularly the 2-8x32.

Next up is my first trip out testing this scope and various 300 Gr bullets.


Overkill muzzy scope? I have mixed feelings on Utah opening up the big game muzzleloader seasons to variable power optics. My preference would have been to keep optics to 1x... if variable power is the game then I thought I would first try pulling one of my favorite big game rifle scopes off one of my other rifles, a Vortex Viper 4-16x50 HS LR. To mount the scope I ordered an EGW rail with a set of low Weaver Tactical 4 Hole scope rings. With a 1x Vortex scope and 300 Gr SST bullets I have been getting right around 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards and dialing up shots on milk jugs out to 200 yards. Wondering how far I can effectively shoot now? #thediyhunter #diyhunting #muledeerhunting #utahhunting #cvamuzzleloader #vortexoptics #hunting #evolutiongunworks #elkhunting #muzzyscope

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