The DIY Hunter

I like shooting from a sitting position. It is very difficult for me to get down into a prone shooting position. Often it is not possible to even be able to take a prone position shot because of the terrain. In a prone position grass and sagebrush can be blocking your view. Shooting from a sitting position is much more comfortable for me and gets me above the grass and sagebrush, but how do I get steady enough to take long-range shots from a sitting position?  Here's what I have found to work best for me.

For the past few years, I have been tinkering with different shooting sticks and techniques. From my tinkering, I have found a great way to get prone accuracy from a sitting position and with equipment that is light to carry.

I use High and Heavy Outdoors Double Cross Shooting Sticks combined with Browning's ultra-light shooting bag that is attached to the top of my Alps Outdoorz day pack. What I do is set up on the sticks (as seen in the photo below) and I then stuff a shooting bag that is attached to the top of my day pack under my right armpit. When I am locked in this position it rivals the steadiness of shooting prone and is so much more comfortable for me.

High and Heavy Outdoors Shooting Sticks.

Prone position steadiness in a sitting position with High and Heavy Outdoors Shooting Sticks and a backpack with ultra-light shooting bag under my right armpit.

X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed with Browning ultra-light shooting bag.

Having an ultra-light shooting bag also gives you options to get steady shots off terrain like cliffs.