The DIY Hunter

Strelok Pro with Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone sensors

This screen in the Strelok Pro android app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone shows the option to read the three internal atmospheric sensors: Atmospheric Pressure, Temperature and Humidity.


Strelok Pro with Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Table View

For hunting, I like to set leave the Strelok Pro android app in table view set to 1000 yards in 50-yard increments. I just have to unlock the screen and I can quickly view MOA adjustments for shots out to 1000 yards.


270 WSM Berger VLD Hunting Bullet

My favorite long-range load a very accurate hand loaded 270 WSM Berger VLD Hunting Bullet: 270 WSM - Shooting 150 Gr. Berger VLD Ladder Test at 300 Yards

I have been using the free Strelok ballistics calculator app on my Samsung phones for a few years now. The app has been wonderful in calculating long-range shots. Over the years I have learned a few things. For instance, on my last trip shooting at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf range I found that I didn't have the atmospheric pressure correct. I also found that the bullets dropped more than anticipated at ranges beyond around 700 yards. After reading up on the G1 and G7 models for ballistic coefficients I realized that with the bullets I am using the G7 would be a better model to calculate my longer-range shots.

For the past several months I have been researching apps and analyzing how I could calculate my shots better and shoot better at longer ranges. I started looking for expensive Kestral weather devices to help give me accurate atmospheric conditions. In the process of researching Kestral devices and apps that would automatically feed the data from the Kestral via bluetooth I stumbled on the fact that my Galaxy S4 phone has had the sensors built-in all along.

Knowing my phone had built-in sensors I now needed an app that could automatically feed from those sensors. I narrowed my app search down to Applied Ballistics, Shooter and Strelok Pro. I could find that they all appeared to be able to feed via bluetooth from a Kestral but I could only find that Strelok Pro would feed directly from my phone.

Just to be sure I emailed the Shooter app's developer and waited and waited, never getting a reply. After waiting a couple weeks I emailed Strelok and within a couple of minutes the developer, Igor Borisov replied that his Pro version of app would do it.

A trip to the Google Play store and I now have Strelok Pro and love it. The interface is already familiar to me from using the free version for years. I now can use the G7 BC model and get atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity readings directly from my S4 phone. With the exception of measuring the wind, I have one device to calculate my shots and no manual inputting of atmospheric conditions. Yeah!

Another really nice feature I recently found on in Strelok is the ability to "use camera for slope angle." This makes using my old reliable Bushnell Elite 1500 that doesn't measure the angle work just fine. No need to upgrade my range finder.  I can get the range from the range finder and then use the app to calculate the angle and weather factors. I really like this app!

Below are a few videos from my last trip to Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf when I was using the free Strelok app. I shot fairly well but I'm feeling much better with using Strelok Pro for the next time I head out the range.