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243 WSSM Bullets on Model 1885 Stock
243 WSSM bullets on Model 1885 stock

243 WSSM Model 1885 sitting in my lap while rock chuck hunting.
243 WSSM Model 1885 sitting in my lap while rock chuck hunting.

Every summer I like to take a trip or two up the mountain to sharpen my shooting skills shooting rock chucks. In the last couple of years I have been taking Dallen. Since the area we hunt takes a half-day to hike into we pack along a tent and spend the night and make it a two-day trip.

Dallen has been taking his Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 223 Rem. and I take my Winchester Model 1885 in 243 WSSM. We enjoy the hike and Dallen just loves spending the night in a tent.

This past year Dallen found his first moose antler while we were on our chuck hunting trip.

Dallen usually takes chucks in about the 200-250 yard range. Anything under 200 yards just is a little too easy even for a 10-year-old. I like to find chucks in the 300 and beyond range to give me a little challenge.

This past year I took my furthest rock chuck across a huge canyon at 682 yards using my Model 1885, 243 WSSM. My Model 1885 shooting the Winchester 55g Ballistic Tip bullets at 4240 fps puts new meaning to flat shooting. I top this rifle off with a Bushnell Elite 4200, 6-24x Mil-Dot scope, one varmint hunting machine of a rifle. 

A good friend calls small-bore flat shooting rifles like the 243 WSSM  "Death Rays." I definitely think my Model 1885 in 243 WSSM meets "Death Ray" status. You can view a video of this 243 WSSM "Death Ray" in action on a rock chuck in my 243 WSSM Rock Chuck Hunting with Video in 2010 entry.