The DIY Hunter

243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition at Shooting Range

243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition handload.

243 WSSM with 95g Nosler Partition on Chronograph

One of the velocities of my first 243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition handload shots.

A-Bolt Stainless Varmint Laminate 243 WSSM with 95g Nosler Partition

243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition handload next to my Browning A-Bolt Stainless Varmint with laminate stock.

Target showing first test loads of 243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition

My first test load of a 243 WSSM 95g Nosler Partition handload. Now back to the reloading bench for some adjustments to the handload.

270 WSM 140g Accubond Chrony F1 Chronograph

270 WSM 140g Nosler AccuBond handload and the velocity from my 23" barrel X-Bolt.

Browning X-Bolt on shooting bags and bench at the shooting range

When shooting from the bench I like to either place a box under a shooting bag or stack two bags on top of one another. This makes my shooting posture much more comfortable by getting higher off the bench. I then usually stuff a jacket under the rear of the stock to get the rifle a little more stable.

Three shot groups of 270 WSM 140g Nosler Accubond Handloads

Here are two three shot groups from my X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 270 WSM shooting 140g Nosler AccuBond handloads.

Nikon spotting scope at shooting range

My friend Ryan lent me a Nikon EDG Fieldscope 85-A spotting scope and I brought it with me to the range. I have been glassing one of the mountains I like to hunt from over five miles away. This scope is amazingly clear at tremendous ranges.

I went to the range today to shoot my first test loads I've been working on for a 95g Nosler Partition bullet in a 243 WSSM. A also shot two three-shot groups with my new X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 270 WSM and measured the velocities.

First I shot five 95g Nosler Partitions from my A-Bolt Stainless Laminate Varmint with a fluted barrel. The first two shots were high and off the target sheet I was aiming at but they were 3/4 of an inch apart. I adjusted the scope some and fired three more shots at the target sheet the first two shots hit on. The third and fourth shot were again right at 3/4 of an inch apart and I was thinking this load might be pretty good right out of the gates but on my fifth shot I got a flier going out about 2 1/2 inches... the barrel was hot, maybe that caused the fifth shot to wander off course. I'll keep tweaking the load.

Oct. 2010: After several trips from the reloading bench to the shooting range I finally have my 243 WSSM 95g Nolser Partition Handload.

After shooting the 243 WSSM I wanted to shoot my X-Bolt in 270 WSM a few times to get more comfortable with it and get some better data on the velocities of the 140g AccuBond that I am shooting out of it. I get a little spoiled with my 243 WSSM rifles and the light recoil, so just after shooting the 243 WSSM I forget that the 270 WSM actually recoils a little. My first shot quickly reminded me of the recoil (I have a long history of getting scope bit... being 6' 7" it helps to have longer lengths of pull), then on my second shot I totally flinched. It was so bad I would have laughed out loud if someone had been there with me. I just anticipated that the trigger was going to break and I flinched in anticipation, then the trigger broke... just totally out of sync. I went ahead and fired a third shot and it was right back next to my first shot.

I made a minor adjustment to the scope and immediately fired another three shots. Again two touching each other, then a slight flier. The barrel was getting pretty warm after 6 shots so maybe that had some to do with this shot being a little off course. Still, this group measures under an inch at right about 7/8 inch.

My Chrony F-1 chronograph was giving better readings today. When I first took my X-Bolt out as there were a lot of passing clouds messing up the readings on the chronograph. Today it was right around 60 degrees and my average velocity was right about 3300 fps.

270 WSM 140g AccuBond Handload Velocities: 3314, 3269, 3240, 3318, 3294, 3314 — average velocity 3292 fps.

August 31, 2010: Shot the X-Bolt with 140g Accubonds with the temperature right around 70 degrees today. 3338, 3309, 3330, 3362, 3347 — average velocity 3337 fps.