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Dallen Smith Power Forward

Dallen Smith Power Forward at Layton Christian Academy  

My hunting and shooting has come to a stand still for a few months to make way for basketball season. I've been a little busy keeping up with our three boys playing basketball. I do plan on working up a 270 WSM, 150 gr Hornady SST load for my X-Bolt as soon as things settle down a little.

Dallen is a senior at Layton Christian Academy. Layton Christian Academy is the top rank team in the state of the 2A teams. It's been an exciting year for Dallen and the team. He is on a team with a lot of talented players and a wonderful head coach, Bobby Porter.

I have started to go through some of the video from Dallen's season and will post and update this playlist.

Update 3-2-16: Dallen had a fun season. His team did really well. It was a little disappointing that they lost they state championship game by one point.

On March 12th Dallen was one of ten players from the state selected to play in the 1A vs 2A All-Star game at South Sevier High School.

Here are a few of the highlights from Dallen's senior year.

This clip below shows only the minutes that Dallen is on the court for a full game. Dallen is #54 in white. The game is against Waterford, the second place team in our region. Waterford took 6th place at the state tournament this year.
In this game Dallen is assigned to guard #32 a 6’6” player that likes to shoot the 3 ball and post up.  #32 scored 20 points the game just before this. #32 doesn’t score a single point when Dallen is in the game and only takes two shots. #32 does finish the game with 9 points but none of them were with Dallen on the court.
Dallen has the ability to score a lot but given most of the players on his team this year are just as capable, he works hard on the boards and defense. When the ball does come his way he knows what to do with it.

Here's a few highlights from his junior year. Check out his footwork and the use of his left hand.