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Dallen's Broken Finger

Dallen's broken finger.

When we are not out hunting and shooting, chasing kids to basketball games tends to be one of our family's common practices.

Dallen had a rough year this past year. He broke is finger midseason and dealt with some other things that necessitated us moving him to another school. Dallen is excited to be playing at Layton Christian Academy for his senior year of 2015-16.

In our cow elk hunts this past winter Dallen was hunting with a sock over the cast on his left hand.

Dallen loves basketball, is right hand dominant yet drives and shoots with his left hand more than his right. He reminds me of Charles Barkley with his size, strength and ability to shoot from the outside.  Although he doesn't shoot much from the outside his junior year he has a great shot from behind the arch and I expect he will be shooting the three-ball his senior season.

Dallen is built like a college football tight end, but basketball is what he loves. I know he is really hopeful that he can find a place on a college team. He's working hard to be a really strong power forward that can shoot the three-ball, drive and spin to the basket. I'm excited to watch him play his senior year at LCA.

Anyhow here's a few highlights from his junior year. Check out his footwork and the use of his left hand.

Here's a full game of him after he came back from having a broke finger. In this game against Union he played around 8-10 minutes and did quite well. It's the last regular-season game of the year and he gets the most minutes in a varsity game all year. Dallen checks into the game at 23:45, 39:24 in the video below. Dallen is number is 33 in the dark uniform.

Here's the highlights from the full game above from my camera.